Signature not present in audit trail (record history)

Hello, I am applying an e-signature to a table record. The signature is not showing up in the audit trail. Any ideas why it is not?

The app was created last year, but the e-signature widgets were recently created. I am not sure if this is accurate - but my understanding is that signatures used to NOT show up in the audit trail. Is it possible that since the app was created before the update was made, it is using the obsolete version of the e-sig and/or record history widget (even if the widgets are recently created)?

Hi Kevin!

First couple thoughts -

When you say “audit trail” are you referring to the record history widget?

Second, does anything in this thread Review Template for eBR help resolve the issue? Derrick was havign a similar issue here I think, and some of the troubleshooting we did seemed to help him!

Hi Beth, thanks for the reply!

When I say “audit trail” I am referring to the record history widget.

I reviewed the thread that you referenced. The following suggestions are made there:

  1. Making sure the record history widget configuration is correct
  2. Making sure the e-sig widget configuration is correct
  3. Ensuring the signature is linked to a table record
  4. Ensuring that the triggers (data save, go to next) are placed in the proper positions

I have done all of these things. Reading through the referenced thread, the poster also redownloaded the app suite (and followed your suggestions) so I am not sure if that had something to do with their success.

Is it possible that since the app was created (or duplicated from an app created) before the e-sig widget upgrade that the e-sig widget is not functioning properly?


One interesting thing I noticed while troubleshooting (not sure if it means anything…)

When I copy and paste an e-sig widget from my app (the one having issues) to another app, I am able to use the e-sig widget and the signature is displayed successfully in the record history widget.

Alternatively, if I copy and paste an e-sig widget from another app to the app having issues, the e-sig widget will not execute on the Tulip player. I get an error that says “Error opening signature modal.”

In both cases, I copy/paste an unconfigured widget and configure it for testing.

One more troubleshooting discovery - when I assign the signature to a different table, the signature appears in the record history widget. Perhaps it is an issue with the table.

Hi kevin,

This is interesting - thank you for all the details! I am going to share internally and see what folks have to say about your observations here.

Stay tuned!

Hi Beth,

I am sorry not to update. I ended up building a new record history widget and somehow the signatures are now appearing in that new record history widget, I am not sure why they were not showing in the old widget…but problem solved! Thanks for your consideration for the issue that I was encountering.




Hi Kevin,

I’m glad your issue was resolved!

I did check with the Tulip Team, and figured it would still be good to share their insights on this thread just for anyone else who encounters a similar problem and looks at this thread in the future :slight_smile:

Essentially, If you complete the App with a signed signature widget and a record loaded into a record placeholder at the time of completion, the signature should show up in the record history of that record.

Usually the most likely causes of not seeing the signature in the RHW would be:

  • Not completing the App while a record was loaded
  • Looking at the history of the wrong record

A thing to check first would be if the completion entries (on the App’s overview page) include the signature and the record.

That all being said, given that you were able to fix the issue with a new RHW, perhaps there was just something strange happening with the mix of old app and newer widgets, as you mentioned!