Review Template for eBR

Hi Tulip Team,

I am using the Electronic Batch Record App Suite and am wondering why the electronic signatures do not show up. Is there a way to show this in the record history?

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Hi @derrick.solidum -

Do you mind showing us a screenshot or two of what you are seeing?

You should be able to see signatures from the signature widget in the record history. I am wondering if you have checked the record history widget configuration and signature widget configuration as well to make sure everything is correct there? This article may help! How to Use the Electronic Signature Widget

Hi Beth,

Please see the screenshots below. I have configured an esignature to verify two variables with a meeting of “Equipment Verification.” During execution of the batch record, I signed it as John Smith. The eBR review page shows the boxes were checked, the Batch ID and the Step Name, but the signature does not pop up. Please let me know if there was anything missing in my configuration. Thank you!

Ah I see! So you added the signature to the process template app on equipment setup - but you still need to link that signature to a table record. Because the Record History Widget in the review template app is linked to batch record table, if you link the batch record table record to the signature it should show up.

See screenshot below:

Does this help / make sense?

Also, I would consider if you need a signature check on the equipment verification or not - per the article I linked above:
" Some paper processes require initials and a date from the operator for every field of information. This determines attributability, where data is identified to the person or system generating the data.

Remember that attributability can be automatically recorded in the Tulip platform through Completion records.

In a digital process, Tulip attributes every action to a logged-in user. Only use the electronic signature widget when you need to create regulation and a legally binding agreement, such scenarios can include batch records, quality review, subassembly-level processes, and releasing upstream or downstream."

Hi Beth,

In this use case, I am configuring an esignature for a second operator to verify the attributability of the first operator’s actions. Operator one would be logged into the application, but will be unable to access the tablet as they are in a BSC.

I followed your configurations, but the signature did not show up in the batch review. Am I missing something here? Do I need to configure the signature as a field in the table?

Hmmm it looks like your configuration should be correct, the only other thing I can think of is if in the review app, the record history widget filters may be filtering out the signature based on user in this filter?


Another thought, when you are testing this, are you clicking the “Next” button after doing the Signature? The Next button is where “Save All App Data” is happening, so if you are not hitting that, potentially that would explain why it is not saving the signature to the Record History Widget.

As a side note, it is best practice to only have either the e-sig widget OR a Next button on the same step, not both. You can use one or the other combined with data validation features we just dropped in Release 274 - March 2024 !