Signature Imput

Hi everyone, im facundo from I.F.F. , is possible add a signature imput? we think to do different types of training in Tulip but we need the user sing it. Something like the photo.

Many thanks in advance!:smiling_face:


Hi @Facundo - Welcome to Tulip Community! :tada:

In the app editor, you can add a signature input when you select the input menu and go down to “signature” at the bottom!

This article provides more details about how to configure the signature as needed for your operation: How to Use the Electronic Signature Widget

Does this help?

Hi @Beth , many thanks, but that i need its a place to sing like with a pencil or finger, not all the employee use tulip, but all takes different type of trainee and i though a cell that yo can “draw” your signature and upload it like an image.i don’t know if i express well.:smiling_face:

I have a similar need - been trying to look at a custom widget, but not quite getting there…

@Beth - is this something you guys may have an update on? It would be useful to be able to capture a signature in this way, outside of taking a photograph…

Hi @Facundo and @MarkStuttard,

Here is a signature widget that was available in the library in the past. Without guarantee:
customWidget-SIGNATURE.json (5.5 KB)


Thank you @pwied ! :smiley:

Thanks @pwied for sharing!

I wanted to ask you and @MarkStuttard and @Facundo as well - do you have many use cases where you need the actual signature vs the eSignature? Would love to better understand!

Just one I’m currently looking at, to capture the signature of a driver delivery - as they are 3rd party I can’t use eSignature, so exploring this as an option.

Obviously these things aren’t massively accurate, but could work…

@pwied thank you so much!

@Beth we try use that kind of signature to register the training for temporary employees in RRHH procedures and the finally of this app is register that training and stop using papers for that but, the requirement of that need a signature.

thanks all :smiling_face: