Signature and Date Autofill

Hi there! My company is creating an app for visitors to fill out before they go out on the factory floor.

Does Tulip have the capability of creating an asset/button/input for a signature and autofill date?

Thank you!

Hi @ghohbach. Great question. You can definitely build a quick sign-in step that collects a signature and autofills the date and time.

Here’s a short video showing how I’d build it:

Hi John! Is there supposed to be audio with the video? I’m not hearing anything. Also, it seems that I don’t have the same table options that you do in your video (I’m not seeing any data below the “+ Add Table” button.

Thanks for your help!!

@ghohbach, there’s audio in the video when I play it so perhaps it’s muted on your end? Let me know. You’re correct, also, that you won’t have this table in your account—I made it specifically for this video.

If you need additional context for working with tables, you can find a ton information in this course

Hi John - Apologies, hearing the audio now.

  1. Could you help me add a finger e-signature process?

  2. Is there a simple way to have the date appear in a text box, without any inputs? I’m imagining it auto-populating next to name and email

  3. Currently, I have text inputs for name and email that are required to be completed before exiting the application I’ve created. I do not wish to have these populate an on screen table as you’ve shown, just saved in a file as data for future reference. As is, this data is being saved in Tulip. Could you help me have this data export to a Google Drive Document that logs the input text? I would only need the text data (name, date, and email) logged.

All-in-all, I’m hoping to have the following included on our visitor form:

  • e-signature
  • auto populated date
  • name, email and auto populated date exported into a google doc

Thank you for your help, let me know if there’s a way I can show you my existing document for reference.



  1. This functionality currently isn’t available in Tulip, but it’s something we’re aware of and planning to develop. For now, it might make sense to include a line of text that lets users know that typing a name constitutes a digital signature.

  2. You can certainly display the date next to your text boxes. The process is, a.) embed a variable into your UI, b.) set the datasource for that variable to APP INFO, c.) select CURRENT DATE or CURRENT DATE AND TIME as the app info you’d like to display. These screenshots should clarify:

  3. There’s no need to have an embedded table on your app—i just included it so you could see data flow into the table. Getting data into a Google Drive Document or Gsheet is also possible, but it’s a little more complicated to configure. Tulip interacts with these systems via connectors and connector functions that you can find in the library. You can find information about our Google Drive connector here and google sheets connector here. The timing on this question is good, as I’m planning to release on Tulip University course that walks through the configuration of these connectors early next week.

Let me know if this is getting you on the right path!


Regarding Question 3 above, if you could touch on connecting existing Tulip Application Inputs (such as the name, email, and autofill date on my Visitor Form) to a Google Sheet, that would be awesome. Creating the link between existing Tulip Apps to a Google Sheet seems pretty convoluted. Really looking forward to your course!

Thanks for your help John!

Hi @John any updates on your Tulip U course that will walk through the configuration of making a connection to Google Drive ? Thanks!

Hi @John has the Tulip U course walking through the configuration of making a connection to Google Drive been posted yet? Thanks!