Add ability to open a trigger from an URL

We create documentation on the fly and it would be very helpful if there was a way to open an app trigger for inspection via an URL.

Right now I can navigate to the respective step… but I cannot easily find a trigger on that step since opening that trigger is all hidden behind Javascript.

I am looking for something along the lines of:[app group]/processes/[app id]/versions/[version id]/steps/[step id]/triggers/[trigger id]

Hi @sebme,

how would that be possible?
imagine what you would need to keep in mind:

  • User authorization
  • Variables need to be available, but may not have values
  • What station is running that trigger?

short: you are missing the whole environment.
You would need to make special triggers (functions) for those actions.

There will be an automation functionality in the future, where you could trigger some actions e.g. when a table record is changed… this would be triggerable by an api…

I don’t what to trigger anything. I just need an action to open a step via a url for inspection. This already assumes that I have a browser session open, authenticated, etc.

Consider it as a help for the developer to quickly find a specific trigger in the mass of triggers.

This also relates to: Automated plotting of app transition flows - #4 by sebme

I am using the graph to analyze the apps and quickly find the offending trigger, if there is one.

Ah… sorry I got you wrong :wink:

@sebme, this is a really interesting suggestion. One initiative we’re preparing for long term is building out better developer tools, and this seems to fall into that category—for simple app debugging, for documentation use-cases like yours, and for more advanced functionality. Keep the ideas flowing, these are super helpful to us!

This has been implemented on Release 272 - February 2024 :tada:

Thanks for the input!