Release 229 - May 2022

Release 229 is live! There are some exciting features in this release, check them out below.

:bar_chart: Analytics

  • Control charts are live and supported natively in Tulip! Watch a video on how they work.
  • “Group By” x-axis time bucketing can now be used on all analysis types
  • Consistency improvements in regards to line charts and control charts (like the handling of timestamps, axis ticks, etc.)

:iphone: App Editor

  • Multilingual apps are now available to Enterprise customers! Watch this video from Pete who will guide you through the feature step-by-step or check out the official release here.

  • Custom widgets now allow you to add descriptions for app editors to read and understand how they should use your widgets.

  • You can now add icons to your buttons with one click.

  • Added support for is blank and is not blank on video data types in triggers

:zap: Connectors

  • Published apps are now immutable with respect to connectors. This means that after publishing an app, modifications to the connectors that the app used do not change the behavior of the published app.

:lady_beetle: Fixes

  • Fixed completions analysis to work with the fields: user, station, and shift
  • Fixed a bug around widgets being created with the same name
  • Fix cmd/ctrl+click to deselect an object from a group of widgets
  • Fixes the approval modal so that pressing the enter key will now submit

Hi Mark! This update is really interesting for GxP use, how exactly does it function? Does publishing an app create a new version of the connector?

Hi Tulip Team,

Our site is about to update to LTS 8, and I am very excited for the enhancements, specially the control chart update, I started exploring this feature in our Staging environment since it is already updated with LTS 8, I noticed that the UCL & LCL are not in reality control limits, since they are manually configured instead of continuously being updated based on the standard deviation of the data :frowning: , the current feature I would say it is very useful if you want to establish specification limits for the data, also would be very helpful if it allows only one limit (either upper or lower)


Hey @Jian -

The deeper we dug into control charts, the more variation in approaches we found! There is a feature request on the books for this change specifically, along with being able to dynamically set these limits from an app.

We often prioritize building out the core functionality and then rely on community feedback to understand where additional engineering work should be spent. There is a ton of work going on with analytics right now around this concept of layers (and a lot of backend work to make this development faster) and I will do what I can to make sure this ask doesn’t fall off the radar.


Hey @Pete_Hartnett ,

Look forward to future updates!