Object Grouping


It would be helpful if objects on Tulip could be grouped so that they may continuously move as one, similar to how you can do that on Microsoft Office. This will help prevent accidentally moving one object when it needs to be referenced to another (i.e. a text box to an image, an arrow to an image, etc).

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I found something that might help a little:
Select multiple widgets in the App Editor: Shift+Clicking the objects you want to select.
Once multiple widgets are selected, you can move, resize, or delete them as a group.

Hi Mariana,

Thank you for the suggestion. That operates the same as selecting the objects with CTRL or highlighting them; they de-group after you click away. I am looking for a feature similar to Microsoft’s group feature:

Once grouped, it is continuously treated as one object.

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Hi @mariana.denis,

this way, you can’t align a group of widgets with another widget.

e.g. align horizontaly and distribute vertically. It will tear the groups apart with this method.

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