[Tip of the Week] Organizing Steps in Groups

hello all!!

as your Apps grow in complexity (and often times, number of Steps), it’s important your Apps organized and clean so other users can quickly understand the process of the App. in the Tulip App Builder, this can be easily achieved using Step Groups!!

this is a useful feature as it also allows for operations to be executed on the entire Step Group, for example printing an entire Group. let’s take a look at how to achieve this!!

  1. create a new Step Group by clicking + and selecting Step Group:
  2. now you can rename your Step Group as you would with individual Steps and drag Steps into the Group by dragging them into the Group:
  3. you can also include sub-Groups in your individual Groups:
  4. here, you can see why organizing Steps into Groups is important, you can print an entire Step Group!!

are you already using Step Groups in your Apps?? if so, share a screenshot of how you’ve organized the Steps in your Apps!!