General App Development Improvements

Hey Guys!
Here’s a list of some of our friction points. Let me know if you have any questions or need to provide more detail!

  • Layers. Even something as simple as Foreground, mid ground, background.

  • Ability to group objects together (So they can be moved as 1 unit. Especially useful for shapes, with text on top, with a button on top of that.)

  • Ability to lock objects without setting them to Master. A lot of times we want to lock an object so it never moves, but it’s only on a few slides.

  • Create our own gauges

  • Ability to manage administrative level settings like:
    Loop Protection (Turn on/off per app or change the count)

  • Syncing blink

  • Edit the same parameters across multiple of the same type of object (font size across multiple objects that have font size as an option) When selecting 3 rectangles, I can’t change the size of all 3 rectangles, but instead have to select them individually.

  • Ability to organize tables into folders, and/or other organization features (e.g. Production vs. Sandbox) or Group/Tag/Identify Tables

  • Show which column is doing the sorting in tables.

  • Ability to sort People list

  • Create dashboard analysis based off table data

  • Ability to exclude variable data from completion records.

  • Selecting a Default app/groups to workstation or units (Or apply settings en masse )

  • Workstation UI is really bulky and hard to use/read.

  • Ability to choose on the connector whether you want to use sandbox or production connector (Currently we have to work around the way Tulip assumes it knows what we want to use. It would be a lot easier if I could call Connector A.Sandbox or A.Production to designate which connector to run.

  • A permanent “Undo” button.

  • Set default Aspect Ratio ourselves

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