Bulk Object Manipulation

It would be very useful if when multiple objects were selected we could change its properties (border, color, sizes, fonts, etc.)
I know that Font color/Text color is an option to edit currently, but unless the objects are of the same type these changes do not take place. It would be useful if this was a uniform reference to be able to edit across items.
I would also suggest if there were an added object align option to have two selected objects bring together where their edges overlap

@ktoole, this is a great suggestion, and improving the way Tulip handles different data types (esp. complex types like objects) is a key area of focus for us. Do you have any particular use-cases you’re thinking about for bulk object manipulation that you can share?

I am currently trying to add a border to a not small number of button objects on the same step and define the border color as white
I also have needed to change different properties to match a visual standard we try to keep.

@ktoole, there’s a discussion in this thread that may or may not be of help, but either way I can communicate this back to the product team.

I’m sorry I said that wrong I’m not trying to change it in app. It is purely an aesthetic border so it will be a static property

ha, this is what happens when you read too fast :sweat_smile:. I definitely read that as you have multiple assets whose configuration is defined by objects with properties for size, color, border, etc.

Your original suggestion as written (not as I interpreted it) is also good. Can bump that up to the design team, and not the data team. @Katie_Stakland for vis.

Thanks for the suggestion! We’re always looking for ways we can improve the app editor and this is a good one. I’ll share this with the rest of the team.