Object Improvements

Some improvements to Objects (assets, buttons, etc.) that would be helpful:

1. Group/ungroup objects: Whether it is a group of like objects or a group of several shapes to make “one” shape, it would be nice to group them together w/o having to select them all individually.

2. Better object auto snapping/alignment (red line): Zooming in has improved this and object coordinates help but it is time consuming. Object layer management would also greatly improve this (See also: Layers in App Editor but currently, object snap/alignment is semi-discretionary from software and is not consistent (i.e. it will snap to one object but it won’t snap to same object again even if you you do not zoom in/out. If zoomed in too close, cannot see object you want to snap to). Unless the software is supposed to operate this way, perhaps where you grab the object depends on the rules it follows could be an improvement - if it is supposed to behave this way, I have not personally seen it consistently perform in this manner.

3. Inserting & Copy/Paste: Inserting an object always goes to center of app’s viewable window or step space. When zoomed in or panned to another area of the step, you have to zoom out or pan across to grab the new object. Copy/paste seems behave a little differently and it appears to be an arbitrary position but it would be helpful if inserting/copying/pasting an object would land center of the user’s screen whether the user is building on or off the usable step space.

4. Object arrays/patterns: Would be super helpful to array objects for easy patterning. Rectangular would be priority but I could even see circular as a complimentary array/pattern.

5. Object selection w/ mouse: Similar to AutoCAD, left-click hold+move mouse left to select all objects that partially or fully touch path or area of selection box and a left-click hold+move mouse right to select objects that are entirely within the selection box area only. Sometimes the object sizes, especially text or variables, aren’t always sized appropriately. Variables are trickier to size without overlaying something else in some cases, especially when being able to read what the variable is called.

6. Objects with text: When you have multiple objects with text and you’re trying to resize them, the font size stays same from the first object as you select any subsequent objects only when you do not click onto open space. For example, I have two objects, both with 24 pt. font. I want to change them both to 36 pt. I select 1st object, change font to 36 pt., then select 2nd object…it shows 36 leading me to believe it’s already at 36 or going to change it for me. Click off of it, re-select 2nd object and it’s obviously at 24 yet. I think a Format Painter would be a really good add but this issue, seemingly just a small bug, tends to be kind of annoying and extra clicks back 'n forth.


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