Exclude items from snapping

It would be nice to be able to exclude items from snapping (or alternatively group and hide items on a step). When you have a lot of elements on a page and need to modify something, having items attempt to snap to the wrong item can be frustrating.

Currently I have a page that needs to display 60 different variables in specific grid groupings, and having to move elements and having them snap to something that nothing will need to snap to is a real pain. Trying to line variables up with grid boxes for example and having them snap to a completely unrelated element across the page, then having to manually set the location numbers or slowly edge them into place with the directional keys for each element becomes rather time consuming and frustrating.

Hey @richard.vaughn -

This is a relatively new thing that is on our radar (thanks to a community post!) and I have discussed in a fair bit of depth with the product manager for the app editor. Our conclusion is that the snapping functionality at a minimum should have 3 options:

  1. Auto snap to all other widgets (current state)
  2. Snap to grid
  3. No auto snap

There is certainly opportunities to add a more complex algorithm behind snapping, but they often require stuff like a hierarchy of widgets, widget grouping, scoping of widgets, and more (this is how the best snapping features work in other products). Eventually we want to do this work, but it’s not yet on a roadmap.

Would those 3 resolve at least some of the pain you are dealing with?

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Absolutely, having multiple snapping options like this would make a huge difference. Grid snapping would be amazing, especially if you’re able to adjust the grid size, this would solve many of my problems and make the workflow much cleaner and quicker.