Non-Text Elements in Grids

The grid widget is a nice feature, but currently it’s very limited due to the fact that you can only place text (as far as I can see anyway) within the cells. I would like to use it to store variables to the user in organized groupings, but having to create a bunch of variable text elements and then line them up with the grid is really time consuming, especially since I often have trouble with the variables trying to snap to unrelated step elements, or not wanting to snap to the grid.

Sometimes if I select the entire grid and all variables and try to move them with the arrow keys, some of the variables also seem to move more or less than the others, causing misalignments.

Hey @richard.vaughn -

Interesting idea! The work around widgets includes functions like grouping, so your well formatted cell (that might include a label, text box, maybe a border or a photo) can be ‘grouped’, and then they act effectively as a new widget type that can then be more reasonably used at scale. The hope with this work is that it enables stuff like gridding widgets significantly more easily, along with a whole lot more!

Keep em coming!

Apologies if I misunderstood, but are you saying it is possible to group widgets?

That function will be coming very soon, it isn’t possible yet. Along with this widgets and widget groups will be able to be renamed.


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