Widget handling improvements

Text widget

  • allow adding a border around a text widget
  • allow specifying padding to a text widget - similar to what is already possible for the border radius setting - but for padding: this is huge… right now you need to put another rectangle underneath a text to achieve the desired outcome… terribly inefficient


  • Allow grouping of widgets
  • Get rid of the differentiation between the table record and variable display widgets

Hello @sebme, I’m very interested in these asks! I have a few follow-up questions to make sure I understand the intent here.

  1. Could you describe your purpose in your app to add borders around text widgets? E.x. drawing emphasis on key information, visually organizing content, etc.
  2. Imagining widget groups existed, what actions would you like to take with a group?

Additionally, if you have apps built today that demonstrate the pains without these features, I’d like to use them as contextual examples for the team as we review these requests. Sending the app URL to viktor.makarskyy@tulip.co would be helpful.

Product Manager

Hi Viktor,

regarding the border topic, yes, it would be mostly to emphasize critical information.

Grouping would be good just to keep complex arrangements of widgets together so you can easily move them around without the need to ensure all components are selected. This is especially critical if you have stuff in there with a transparent background.

Hope this helps.