Manually Set X or Y values for multiple selected items

Not trying to spam the suggestions, but as I’m working on a rather complicated app with a lot of elements at play, I’m finding things that would be very helpful while creating steps.

Being able to manually set the X and Y values for a group of selected items would be a nice feature. The horizontal and vertical align buttons are helpful, but it would be nice to just precisely set the Y value of multiple elements at once to ensure they line up perfectly.

Hey @richard.vaughn -

Your feedback is always appreciated! Widget formatting en-masse has been an area in need of attention for too long! Thankfully all of your either actively being worked on, or will be in the coming quarter. Can’t share too much detail or more specific timelines yet, but its on the horizon!

Keep this feedback coming! This is how you move the product!

Don’t worry, more suggestions don’t ever qualify as spamming. Everything posted here is automatically added to the product pipeline and revisited forever until it’s included, mooted by subsequent releases, or occasionally rejected outright.

Posting it also helps every other user see and vote on things they may also be looking for.