X Y position could be fun to be static and as variable, table record, aggregation

this is not a must, but could be fun to set xy position as a variable

Hey @ChirristopherOficial -

Great idea, we are throwing around the idea of making some widget properties available within triggers. Things like setting focus for an input, or setting the enabled/disabled state of a button directly from a trigger could enable some interesting things. Initially this probably wont include x/y position for a few reasons:

  1. We don’t want people making 1 step apps where most widgets are offscreen and triggers are moving them into the visible window. This is not how we intend apps to be built, and would probably be quite painful, if you thought this was the intended approach.
  2. When widgets can move dynamically, we need to be able to support showing all widget states in the editor (what does my app look like before/after move), support every state for every widget and suddenly you might have thousands of permutations of a single app step. Showing you one view of your step, when users will be seeing and interacting with something completely different would be unacceptable.

Both of these challenges are solvable, but things we need to spend some time really thinking through.

The underlying ability to adjust widget properties isn’t something that we have yet invested any engineering resources in, but something we are actively looking at.