Object Manipulation

The number 1 feature I think would elevate our ability to develop apps is the ability to manipulate “Objects” that same way you manipulate Variables (Data Manipulation). You should be able to change properties of buttons, shapes, pictures, text, etc. Some important ones:

  • Via a trigger, ability to Toggle visibility. (Or change Opacity)
  • Via a trigger, ability to change Color Hex.
  • Via a trigger, ability to change text on buttons. (Button text should be treated the same as text on top of a button)
  • Via a trigger, ability to change X/Y Coordinates. (This is a game design trick that would allow us to perform some digital “Sleight of Hand” and could replace all the previous features listed here by having duplicate buttons that moved off screen when not in use. You would also need to increase the area around the Canvas to place items.)
    image image
    This would make it easier to create dynamic apps that could change depending on conditions. E.g. the continue button is red until conditions have been met.Once the conditions have been met, the red button moves off screen and the green button moves on screen. The green button has different triggers than the red, creating different interactions.
  • Ability to make any object a button.
    For example, currently a circular object has to have a square button. image
  • Ability to add widgets the replicate form step fields to an object. (Form steps are the worst.)

Some less important ones:

  • On trigger, visually depress button (or add drop shadow to mimic depression)
  • Ability to select and move objects.
  • On trigger, toggle blink property
  • On trigger change font size/style

Hi Brad,

These are all incredible suggestions. I know that some of the aspects mentioned here have been submitted to the product team for review, and I am happy to submit all the aspects above that are not already noted. We appreciate your request greatly!

Thank you,

Great suggestions Brad. It is possible to do some of these by using tables, variables and overlaying buttons and adding if logic, but overall it requires a lot of leg work to accomplish. Enabling these features will reduce the time required to build complex applications.