Visible Property for Controls and Text

Giving buttons, text, variable text, checkboxes, etc. a property that would allow us to conditionally make them visible would be a very valuable feature. Powerapps does this already.

Hello @joey.wheeler,

Thanks for providing this feedback!

Buttons, text, variables, checkboxes, and other widgets can actually have color variables assigned to them as seen here:

You can then change the assigned value for the color (including transparent if you’d like to hide them) in your Trigger Actions.

Would this help achieve what you’d like to do?

Let me know!


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately even if the color is variable and set to transparent the control is still functional and can be clicked (although transparent). A variable visible property would not only make the control not visible but also it would need to disable the functionality of the control (as if it wasn’t there).

OK, understood. Thanks @joey.wheeler!

The feature request has been submitted to the product team who will be evaluating the feedback. We’ll keep you posted with updates.

Another solution I’d like to mention in the meantime is that you can disable the button by putting a Condition on the Trigger by adding a flag (if True, then run the Actions) that you can manipulate depending on whether you want the button to be ‘clickable’ or not.

In this example:

You could manipulate the Button Enabled Variable depending on whether or not you want the button to execute.

Let me know your thoughts, and thanks again!


Thanks for the response. This is a feature that is already offered by a lot of other prominent low code platforms and is very helpful. I know Tulip tries to stay ahead of the curve so this should be a pretty fundamental feature. I look forward to your response!