Visiable/Invisiable rule for widget

Hi, Tulip team,
Is it possible having a new feature that we are able to set widget visible/invisible by condition of different account or group or a variable?For some reasons, we would like show more information with team A members but hide something to other people.

For most widgets, you can always set the color of the widget to a variable, and then populate that variable with either the normal color or transparent color, depending on whatever condition you decide. For example, have a Custom Field in the users table for “Role”. Then, based on the role of the current user, the button color is assigned. See trigger below:

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What a smart idea of this transaction! I will apply this to my apps.

To take it a step further, if you are doing this with buttons, you could set an “If” condition when the button is pressed based on the color. Since changing the color of the button does not actually remove it from the screen, the user could theoretically click the transparent button unknowingly. You would set the trigger to see if the button is transparent, and if it is, then do nothing. This way, if the user does unknowingly click the button that they don’t have access too, it won’t do anything. Trigger below: