Disable and hide Input Widgets


It would be helpful if widget could be hidden or disabled on command (by variable).
For now we are stuck with changing colors of the widgets, but this only works for the text and number input widget.

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Hi Stijn, thanks for sharing this! Is there one that is more important than the other- hiding a widget vs. disabling it? Or is it the case that any time it is hidden, it should also be disabled?

Hi @kevin.kononenko

The latter. I think this should be possible since the “blink” is already there. But they definitely should implement the ability to tie it to a variable.

Got it! I am actually on the Tulip product team, so “they” is “me” in this case! Will update this thread when we have an anticipated release date for this, it is certainly a popular request.


Aha! That’s cool! Nice to see the community-driven principle at work.


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