Introduction - Who is part of the Hackathon? What do you want to try with custom widgets?

Please add a short intro:

  • Name, Role, Location
  • Some of your favourite use cases you have solved with Tulip
  • Ideas for what you want to try with custom widgets.

Eddy Atkins,
Marketplace and Library Lead, Tulip,
Bath, UK
Favourite apps built:

Widgets I’d like to try:

  • Number pad input
  • Text boxes with labels
  • 3D pdf and other 3D file viewer

Hey All!

Name: Pete Hartnett
Position: Product Engineer, Bottom-Up Enablement
Location: Minneapolis, MN (Soon to be Boston!)

Favorite Tulip Usecase: Long ago I connected Tulip to handset walkie talkies with a bit of custom hardware. Nothing drives actions like driving action through the communication the channel the floor knows.

What I’d like to try: Extending the functionality of existing widgets! You shouldn’t need to widgets to make an input with a label next to it.

Excited to work with y’all!

Nils Husemann,
Technical Workpreperation DMG MORI
Bielefeld, DE

Widgets I’d like to try:

  • Changedetector for Variables
  • Extended Tableviews

Welcome Nils… change detector…simple and effective :grinning:. Looking froward to seeing your feedback and questions.

Michael Ellerbeck
Senior Developer / Devops Manager
Everett, WA

Looking into replacing SVG images with custom widgets and other UI elements.
Synchronized timers, probably utilizing MQTT