Hey! Pete From Tulip

Hello everyone,

I feel like an introduction is long overdue…

My name is Pete Hartnett. I’ve been a product manager at Tulip for the past 18 months, where I work with customers and software developers to create products that meet their needs.

Before joining Tulip, I was a manufacturing engineer at a fairly sizable Tulip customer (see @Peter.Hartnett for the boneheaded questions I was asked years ago). Our use case was primarily in the area of machine monitoring, but I ended up being exposed to a vast majority of the product during my time there. This experience gave me a unique perspective on the value that Tulip brings to customers and the opportunities for innovation in the manufacturing industry.

Outside of work, I’m a huge nerd for all things related to technology and automation. My apartment has its own unified namespace for controlling all my home automation. Recently, I worked on a clothing tracking application with Tulip, where I built a Tulip app to log all of my outfits (with the help of some iron-on barcodes) so I could better understand the most efficient ways to clear my closet.

As a product manager, I’m passionate about creating user-friendly and efficient products that solve real problems for customers. I believe that collaboration and communication are essential to achieving this goal, so I’m excited to join this forum and connect with other like-minded professionals.

Please don’t be afraid to reach our if there is anything I can do to help you on your Tulip journey. I’ve been there!


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[quote=“Pete_Hartnett, post:1, topic:8131”]
My apartment has its own unified namespace for controlling all my home automation
[/quote] Hahaha, with MQTT as main protocol?

Hahaha yes sir! Tracking/controlling a whole bunch of different devices:

  • Custom ESP32-based door sensors for tracing restroom status (cycle time is a bimodal distribution :slight_smile: )
  • Custom ESP8266 based deadbolt sensor
  • Enough smart plugs to sink a ship
  • Power draw from all appliances
  • A custom IR Blaster for controlling the TV so I can turn on bird videos for my cat from the office.

Just the essentials :joy:
Tempted to make the leap to SparkplugB, but that will come with time!


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Hello Pete,

Recently, I’m creating a sketch program of ESP32-based micro controller called “M5StickC Plus”. My program can send data to Tulip via Tulip API when a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor detect one production of some product.

It can show real time distance from a web browser like a pic below.

What Kind of ESP32-based micro controller do you recommend to use in a factory? We have to think a lot of things such as stability, durablility, easy maintenance, long battery and easy operations.

There is one more thing to ask. The number of part count can be saved in a machine activity but I don’t know how to save it to a variable or a table record in an app. Is there any tips? I would like to exract part count of a day.

Akira Takahashi

Hey @Akira

No specific hardware recommendations from me, I usually go with these boards from Mouser because they’re super cost-effective, available, and quality, but I haven’t done any super hard testing.

To extract this data from the machine activity table I would highly recommend embedding an analytic within your app that does this calculation:

More details on how to use machine data in analytics are here: Using Machine Data in the Analytics Editor


Hi Pete,

Thanks for the info. ESP32 series are cost effective and easy to buy from anywhere.

As for part counts, we have some situations to input part counts a day to other system like ERP. I don’t know how to extract part counts from machine activity and pass it from an app.

Kind Regards,