Hello from Olga - Tulip 🌷

Hi everyone!

My name is Olga, and I’m joining Tulip, based out of Boston! I’ll be working with the Edge team to expand the Tulip ecosystem of extensiblility features and APIs.

Before Tulip, I worked at several companies all based out of Boston in Education Technology, FinTech, eCommerce and AI/ML. My passion is building products that are valuable and innovate on real world challenges - like education at scale, commerce … and now manufacturing! I came to Tech and then Product Management to create products that matter, that folks love to use, and which evolve the fabric of society in a positive way.

Outside of work, I love travel, restaurants, art and theater … and keeping a pulse on new fancy HW and SW innovations. I consult for nonprofits and startups at my local incubator and have probably spent too much time recently talking to ChatGPT.

I’m super excited to dive into this vibrant community of Tulip App creators! Looking forward to connecting on the forum!

  • Olga