Copy triggers from step enter event to widget event

There is no way to copy entire trigger between to types of objects, for example from step on enter event to a button widget.

If I created a trigger in the step enter event and than I have to create the same logic on a button click event, it can’t be copied, I have to open another window and manual copy command after command, very furstrating.

For example, I created a trigger that inital value of a step (for some variable clear them, for other, gives default value that is suit for this step only), at first I put it in on step enter event, than got the idea to add a button for initial the screen, so …

Please think how to resolve this issue.

Thank you,

Hi Amit, I don’t have a delivery date for this, but I’m actively working on this. The use case you described is very helpful.

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Hi Li,
Thank you for notify me about that, have a great day