Copy triggers from step enter event to widget event

There is no way to copy entire trigger between to types of objects, for example from step on enter event to a button widget.

If I created a trigger in the step enter event and than I have to create the same logic on a button click event, it can’t be copied, I have to open another window and manual copy command after command, very furstrating.

For example, I created a trigger that inital value of a step (for some variable clear them, for other, gives default value that is suit for this step only), at first I put it in on step enter event, than got the idea to add a button for initial the screen, so …

Please think how to resolve this issue.

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Hi Amit, I don’t have a delivery date for this, but I’m actively working on this. The use case you described is very helpful.

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Hi Li,
Thank you for notify me about that, have a great day



Is this still being worked on as its very frustrating?



Hi @SNash- Yes, we are looking at this now! Out of curiosity - are there any triggers you find yourself copying again and again?

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Hi Pete,

My use case is very similar to the original poster. I have a button with around 10 triggers on (some quite detailed) and it turns out that I would like to move most of them into an ‘On Step Enter’ trigger on another page. Iv had quite a few instances where iv wanted to move triggers between different trigger types, some have been a quick to replicate but some have taken quite a while. Also, if you have to manually copy them across and the triggers are quite complex, then you also run the risk of getting the detail wrong and breaking the app. Copy and paste is always the safer option :slight_smile:

Hi Pete,

As this was actively being looked into 6 months ago and is now being looked at again, do you have any expected delivery date? Although im sure it is complicated to implement, it feels like standard functionality that users would make use of.

Hi @SNash Thanks for following up, sorry for the delayed response. We are planning a series of improvements for how triggers are created and managed - with this request being one of them. We are excited to rollout these changes, but this specific request is delayed as a result. Best guess is middle of the year. In the meantime, would you be interested in talking more about triggers? If so, please use this link to schedule a call. :slight_smile: