Quality of Life: Triggers Library

TLDR: I’d like a Trigger Library to view where I have each of my triggers being used.

I spend a lot of time writing variants on the same trigger. The most common for me is writing to my Change Log Tulip Table. The only thing I change is the “If” to check which field is blank.

Copying this trigger isn’t a problem (thank you SO SO MUCH for that feature). However, I often forget where I have written a particular trigger. I spend five minutes hunting through my apps and then eventually decide to write a new one from scratch. The more complex the trigger is, the higher chance there is of forgetting something when I re-write it.

It would be awesome to have a single place to look up all of the triggers I have made. I’m imagining something similar to the “Variable Library” in the App Editor, but accessible for all of my triggers. A logical place to find this information would be under the Apps tab.


Triggers could potentially have a field that lists what their “When” event is, whether it’s connected to a button, step enter, a barcode scan, etc. The most important part for me would be the ability to view all of my triggers together. That way I can find my trigger by name or location and avoid writing and re-writing similar triggers.

Thanks for the consideration! Happy to clarify on my idea more if needed.

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Hi @TechnicallyKatie,

a while ago I mentioned a similar idea. And I’m 100% with you, that this feature is overdue.

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Hey All-

Another incredibly good idea @TechnicallyKatie! the ability to save functions that can be reused throughout tens or hundreds of triggers. There is engineering work ongoing (and has for the last ~6 months) to enable all the technical side required to enable this sort of functionality.

This work comes with a few other incredible features, but it has made the engineering lift larger than just saving triggers. The community should start seeing this work starting to land towards the end of the year, but unsure where the saving of fuctions lands on that roadmap.


Thank you, I forgot to change the place I posted this! I was wondering where that “vote” button was :sweat_smile:

Thanks Pete! The longer I wrote this the more I realized the challenges that come up with this. This may be well-traveled ground for your engineers, but I figured I’d post my thoughts here too.

Unlike variables, triggers can have the same name. Even on the same App and Step, power users are likely to have a collection of triggers named “Untitled Trigger”. Differentiating between them for existing customers with thousands of triggers will be a challenge.

Potential changes for the widget panel to allow you to search for triggers by name, similar to variables

Listing table connections required for the trigger. There have been many times that I’ve copied a trigger to a new app only to find that I didn’t have the correct table / table record loaded in the app. If the trigger listed the tables it connects to, that would allow for, at a minimum, an error message saying the trigger can’t be loaded until the correct table connection is there.

Ditto last paragraph but for variables.

Thanks as always for the quick response!