Copying Triggers into Widgets

Current the widgets don’t allow for copying triggers from one to the other which has been tedious to recreate the triggers when I change the widget.

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Hey @thiggins -

This is a hot topic right now internally. There is a bunch of work going on around a whole ton of usability improvements for the trigger experience. As a heavy app builder, I think this is one of the biggest gaps right now in the trigger experience. The reason we don’t currently allow this is different widgets have different resources available. For example, a machine and device trigger might be using the value passed from a barcode scanner, but if you copied this onto a button, it wouldn’t have access to that same device data.

This becomes super prevalent with custom widgets where custom widget triggers (or events) have access to that event data, and a different widget type almost certainly wouldnt have access to that same event information.

Having said that, there is no reason we could’t allow you to add it, and just flag the data this new widget doesn’t have access to. This is the approach we are looking to take in this improvement work.

This project has a super large scope, but features are actively shipping with just about ever release.

Thanks for the patience! We feel your pain-

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A little update I wasnt aware of-

As of r234 you will be able to change any step level triggers (step enter, timer, step exit, machine and device) from one type to another which should help a whole lot with reusability, but doesn’t address the underlying ask for copying from 1 widget to another.

This is laying the groundwork to enable that though!

Keep the great ideas coming!

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