Ability to copy step triggers to button triggers and via versa

I am not really sure what has happened to this topic and @RussWaddell remark with “search for results for ‘trigger copy’” also does not really seem to address it, sorry…

I hope this will still eventually get integrated. Because it is just a pain to keep running into it over and over again and again.

Latest example: We have a complex chain of triggers that frequently fail in one way or another. Now we would like to quickly break them out into several buttons to better diagnose where exactly things go wrong. In the current state this means we have to rebuild everything again, each trigger with all the conditions in them… and then go at it again to fix all the errors that were made in the point and click adventure to accomplish it.

Hi @sebme,

Thank you for the input on trigger copy - to be clear, it sounds like the issue may not necessarily be the ability to copy in this case but the ability to figure out where your trigger has failed.



Hi @sebme,
here are some threads about the same topic.

For investigation: What is the kind of error? Sometimes it is good to add some text to a variable in between the triggers to find the source of failure…

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You are right, the actual problem is not the copying of the trigger in the example. But this does not change the fact that the developer experience is bad in this area. Maybe you should introduce a marker in this “suggestion group” like “won’t fix”. I will leave it there.

I apologize… I guess, “won’t fix” does not apply. Maybe my collegues will be fortunate then.