Copy Function on Triggers [Loggic Window]

Is a App Builder I want a Copy function in the Building of triggers So I can make faster trigger logics reducing my time of setting triggers.

Hey @Alcaf77

You can copy whole triggers (guide here) but can’t yet copy a single action from one trigger to another, or duplicate single actions within a trigger. There is a feature request in the works right now to add this functionality.

One way some customers have gotten around this is simplifying each trigger and using multiple triggers on the same button. That would look something like this -

Does this make sense? They basically split each action into its own trigger that can then be copied and pasted across different apps or app steps.


This feature request is more than a year old - with a few other very usefull functions like triggers to other widges like Checkbox, value changes etc.pp.

2cents Chris

Hey @ChrisF ,

You’re totally right - This is one thats been in the works for a while. There is a lot of work going on in FY22 around streamlining the app building process, especially with the trigger editor in particular. This specific ask hasn’t been completed primarily because a larger restructure of triggers was already in the works.

Getting this larger rebuild right is the main focus, and has slowed down the process to get some of these features rolled out.

The team notices when a feature requests get another bump on Community, so don’t be afraid to poke us for an update :slight_smile:


Hey @ChrisF -

As a step towards reusability, we added the ability to duplicate individual trigger actions in r235. This will really help the workflow where you need to add 15 Data Manipulation > Store > Variable > Table Record > Field name

Check out the full release notes here:


Closing as a resolved feature request per update from @Pete_Hartnett. Further discussion or new trigger copy features go in a new topic. Thanks!