Allow to duplicate whole if/then clauses?


Currently, we can duplicate actions and conditions in if/then clauses. My question is simple: why can’t we duplicate whole if/then clauses?

I would find it useful since sometimes, two distinct clauses have a very similar structure and only differ slightly. What do you think?

Hey @fti, thanks for the suggestion. This is similar to some other quality of life suggestions folks have made about the trigger editor (I made one here). It’s definitely a reasonable suggestion, and I know our design team is thinking a lot about how to make the logic-writing experience as easy as possible.

Greetings! @fti

Totally agree with John that this is a reasonable suggestion. I’m a product designer here at Tulip and wanted to share more context about our current thinking. We want to enable a number of capabilities, like copying and pasting blocks of logic, that are possible in our Automation editor and not yet in our Trigger editor. We have a team focused on improving the experience of building logic and they have plans to tackle this suggestion and others like it next year through a larger trigger editor revamp.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks.

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include this plans the possibility to copy a trigger from a button to the step enter triggers?

So when you start next year to tackle this suggestions we will got the result in 2026 or later, right? That would be a very long time …

Especially when I read that you work on some parts for years
Copy triggers from step enter event to widget event

Regards Chris