Move lines of logic between IF/THEN and ELSEIF/THEN blocks in the trigger editor

Currently, a user can click-and-drag to reorder lines of logic within a single IF/THEN block in the trigger editor. However, it is not possible to drag lines of logic across IF/THEN ELSEIF/THEN blocks. For large triggers with similar condition checks or actions, it would be very helpful to be able to drag lines of logic between IF/THEN ELSEIF blocks.

Raised this as well… In addition it would be really handy to be able to move the trigger actions from one block to another.


Or duplicate the entire if/then block itself


Hi John! I was just going to recommend this. I think this would be super helpful!

Has there been any movement on this? I find that if I’m writing a lot of IF/THEN blocks that they’re typically quite similar with just a few conditions tweaked here or there. Being able to copy logic between the blocks, or better yet being able to copy a whole block would definitely be a huge time saver when app building.

Hey @khouse, thanks for bumping. This likely isn’t going to be an improvement that’s rolled out as a one-off. We definitely see it and feel it and understand it, and this feature will likely be worked on as part of a broader reimagining of the trigger editor that we have in the works.

Hey @John , thanks for the reply. Do you guys have any sort of time frame on when we can expect to see these changes. This request in particular is one that I find myself wishing I had nearly every day. Writing the same lock of logic over ad over again with just a one or two values changed is quite tedious, so something like this would really improve the overall app building experience.