Allow copy and pasting of individual actions in a trigger across any trigger

I have a data store command which I would like to use in many triggers across the app. It is unbelievably tedious to go into each and every trigger to repeat this basic steps over and over again just to e.g. write some text into a common variable that is used for event logging.

@sebme, I just wanted to follow-up here and say that we hear you. I think if you go searching through the product suggestions, I think I’ve made this exact request (or one very close to it). I can tell you, though, that this is something that’s on our radar, and our design team is putting a lot of thought into how to improve the app building experience more globally, including these little quality-of-life improvements to the trigger editor. Keep flagging these inconveniences when you find them, they’re really important for helping us understand what works and what makes you want to punch your computer screen.

@kimberly, any color you want to add here?

Thanks for flagging, @sebme! We’ve definitely heard you and others on this issue, and are incorporating a few features that should alleviate this problem in both short- and long-term roadmap planning. You’ll see some of the first steps in the upcoming launch of the Automations feature.

I agree with this need and am glad it is in the pipeline. I would like to upvote the product suggestion you mentioned, but I can’t seem to find it

Hey @ktoole, here’s a link to the suggestion