Widget Requests

  1. A widget that would enable creation of drop down menus (or pop-up, contextually dependent). If you could build a menu that triggered on a long press (or right click, if using a mouse), that would be appreciated as well.

  2. A “Gauge” widget that looks more like an analog gauge (think speedometer) instead of a vertical bar. We would like to be able to customize highlighted ranges within that gauge arbitrarily.

e.g. for a 0 - 100 scale, I would be 0 - 32 as red, 33 to 78 as yellow, and anything above that as white. Alternately - I might choose to set the scale as -100 to 100 with -50 to +50 as green, -70 to -50 and 50 to 70 as yellow, with anything outside those ranges as red.

  1. A widget that allows us to change the date range on analysis on the page arbitrarily. For instance, if I have a dashboard of analytics, the user should be able to select from Oct 24 at 7:32am to Nov 5 at 5:38pm and the metrics should update to reflect data points within that time frame.

These are great suggestions, Dan. I will share with our product team. I am having a little bit of a hard time understanding what you mean in number 1- could you add a little more detail?