Gauge max & min based on variable

The gauge widget max and min based on variable data would be great! I am using the gauge to base how we are doing against a goal, but I would like to be able to change the goal without updating the app.

I think thats a good Idea, however I suggest making a custom widget for it, so you get the most possible control about the design.

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Here is my version of a simple Status-bar:


customWidget-Progress_Bar_Custom.json (2.6 KB)

The Percentage is delivered by an Event. I then rounded the result and put it into a variable, thats not part of the Widged intentionaly (so you can decide in App how and if you want to handle the percentage, without comlification).

Feel free to use and customize it as you want.

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Thank you so much for sharing this!

@RDuke, the Library team at Tulip has had a pack of gauges in the pipeline for awhile. I don’t know exactly when it’s coming out, but we’ll drop them in here when it does. I use a prototype in some of my personal apps. I’ll tag you into a thread where I share how these looks so in case you’re curious what the final version will look like.

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@John thanks for the call out here - we actually have a radial gauge in the final stages of the release process. The Library team is undergoing some changes which is why these probably got stuck in the pipeline - but we’ve been releasing steadily every week for the past few weeks.

Let’s launch these! @RDuke @thorsten.langner , any requests? The radial gauge is ready to be released but if you have other gauge ideas please let me know!

@freedman - I’m happy to hear that these are close to officially being launched. I think that just having the freedom to control the gauges with variable data is an excellent step in the direction of dynamic functionality.