Gauge in Analytics

The gauge widget is really good to use in an app in order to show progress to the user. Management will also like to see that in their dashboard and I think the only way to show it in a dashboard is to include it as an Analysis tool.

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Thanks for this suggestion!

I agree that having a gauge available in analytics could be very valuable, this request has been submitted to the product team and we will keep you posted as there are updates.

In the meantime, you could create a variable in your app and have it set to the target (or upper limit). If you then include it in a Multiple Operations Analytics, the actual vs. target can be displayed to show progress against the objective.

This is what it could look like (where the Target is a variable with a default value of 10):

Let me know if this makes sense!



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Thanks gio,

I will use this in the meantime!

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