Update a variable based on analysis

I want to dynamically update a number variable based on a single number analysis. My ultimate goal is to use this number variable with a gauge widget so that I can also make use of the color changing properties (from a variable) the gauge widget has.

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I don’t believe you can use the number from a single number analysis directly, but what are you using to make that analysis? I ask because if it is it a variable that we can access in the app, then we could definitely use that for your gauge widget.

Are you using one of the gauge widgets from our library? https://tulip.co/library-search/?desc=gauge

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The analysis calculates an average over 30 days for a specific column in a table.
The column is populated from a variable each time the app runs.
Is there a way I can do the same calculation the analysis does using a trigger so I can store the calculated value into a new variable?

I plan to use the custom radar chart widget.

Hi Richard

I confirmed with out Product Team that we cannot currently use the result of a single number analytic as a variable, but they are working on it (after we get Analytics versioning, which is required first to make this a reality).

In the meantime, as another way to approach this, you can actually use Table Queries and Aggregations to get that column average from the last 30 days as a variable and use it in your app. Here’s how:

  1. In your table, create a Query to filter your data by the last 30 days. You can use a static value, or an app input (whatever makes most sense for your use case).

  2. The create an aggregation on the column you want to average

  3. In your app, add the table, query, and aggregation

  4. Insert a text variable and select “Tulip Table Aggregation” as your datasource and you then have your variable!