Colours for gauge

is there an option to choose different colours for different ranges in a gauge? I mean similar like below. And that this ranges can change depending from an other variable. Or maybe you can work on a solution for my problem?
Thank you

hello @katha!!

have you used the gauge widget that is available within Tulip?? more info.: How To Add a Gauge Widget To Your Step :link:.

while the range cannot change on a variable, you can set the actual value off of a variable and customize the color of the gauge.

would this help you achieve what you’re attempting to build??

hello @gio,
Yes, I have used the gauge from Tulip. I overlapped different gauges to create the different ranges, but it isn’t the best solution and in the Tulip player you see that there is something strange, because the cursors of the gauges don’t match.

hello @katha, do you think you could share a screenshot of the Player with the overlapping issues you’re seeing from the Tulip Player.

in the meantime, I do want to point out that you can drive the background color of a gauge from a variable:

have you attempted this as a solution??

finally, this seems like a great topic to cover in Office Hours. we meet every Thursday at 2020-10-29T15:00:00Z, would you like me to add you to that invite??

hello @gio,
thank you for the answer, but if I choose a variable I can’t choose the colour? I want a specific colour if for example a boolean is true. How can I build something like that?

hello @katha, using this logic you can assign a color variable based on a boolean:

you can then drive the gauge color based on the newly created variable.

is this what you were looking for??