Time, interval, widgets, capability to be formatting

we want to be able to show time widgets/aggregation/variable on specific format,
lets say, we have several interval widget/variable/aggregation
one is like 4d,11h,22m and other like 1m,22s and other like 4h,55m,2s
to standardize the displaying format , show everything in hours, or minutes or seconds, or days.

Hey @ChirristopherOficial-

This is a great idea, and one I haven’t thought about in the past. I could see this being usful for intervals/datetimes and maybe numbers (which we kinda support by allowing users to select # of decimals). Are there other variable types that you think we should allow this functionality on?

The current behavior is intended to dynamically adjust the display to the scale of the value, but there is definitely opportunity to allow more flexibility.

I wrote a feature request for this-

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