Custom Widget Testing Result

I have a strange scenario where I have used a custom widget that calculates the time difference (working minutes) between two dates (excluding weekends and following a shift schedule 8-4).
It works fine when I test the app (use Test button), but it does not display the same result when I run it in the player (use Run button). Also sometimes when the custom widget event is triggered, not all the steps in the trigger are getting executed.

Hey @DariusM -

There was a bug found recently around using app info.current date and time in dev mode. My suspission is this is what is driving the behavior you are seeing. Do you see this in the player as well?


Thanks for your reply @Pete_Hartnett
It works okay in the Dev player, but it does not work okay in the actual Player. I have just tested and compared them side by side. After I closed the player and tried again, it worked fine.