[Tip of the Week] Custom Date and Time Formats

hello all!!

in this week’s Tip of the Week, I want to share how you can customize the Date and Times in your Tulip instance to any format you’d like. this is useful if you need to define a specific format for compliance reasons or if you need to make the format readable for users with different standards around formats.

here’s a quick guide on how to do this:
navigate to https://{{instance_name}}.tulip.co/account-settings/date-and-time (note, you do need to be an Account Owner):

once on this page, you can enable the Custom Datetime Format toggle and select whether you’d like to modify the Date, Time, or both. from here, you can use the standards defined in Moment to any format you’d like.

once you change this, wherever you have a Datetime Variable in Tulip it’ll match your custom defined option!!

are people already using this?? it would be great to see what format you’ve defined if so!!