Date format not correct in table

When I change the date format to DD/mm/YYYY.
The sample is 31/12/2021.
But when I look in the table, the format for the month’s are not good.
for example like this 31/00/2021.


Hey Henk,

Glad to see you back on community-

I think the root cause of this issue is the “mm” you are using to reference the month. If you check out this document (Supported Custom Datetime Formats | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps) you can see some more information about formatting custom datetimes.

Right now your custom date is saying [day of the month]/[minute of the hour]/[4 digit year]. Changing it to “DD/MM/YYYY” would be [day of the month]/[month]/[4 digit year].

From the above linked document -

Does this make sense? Does changing “mm” to “MM” resolve your issue?

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Hello Pete.

Ok thanks for the info!
Yes it is now working!!!