Expression to keep a date format

Does it exist an expression to record a Date with this format (MM/DD/YYYY) without modifying date settings?
I tried DATE_TRUNC_TZ() already but it didn’t works

Hello @luis.oropeza, thanks for posting!!

Have you tried using the FORMAT_DATE_TZ() function?? Based on what I’m understanding, this is what you’re looking for:

Converts a datetime value to a text value that is easily readable by a human
Ex. FORMAT_DATE_TZ( datetime_variable , “Month”, “America/New_York”)
This will convert a datetime to just the month in Eastern Standard Time and show it in traditional date formatting like “January 1, 2019”
More guidance here
Note: The last parameter, the time zone, must come from one of the tz database names listed here

More informaiton (

Let me know if this helps!!