FORMAT_DATE_TZ() is not a valid function?

It says "FORMAT_DATE_TZ() is not a valid function. I would like to change date from “August 29 2023” to “20230829”. But I can’t do that as it says the function is invalid.

Hey @epackirisamy -

This function was renamed a little while back:

datetimetotext(@App Info.Current Date and Time , 'YYYYMMDD')

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the details with example. it is working. Great help.

Based On Date selection how to show two variables one is date and another one HH:MM

hi @Gofin - I am not sure I understand your question, could you provide more information abotu what you are looking to do?

Like so?



E.g. for

D → 2
DD–> 02
DDD → 92 (92nd day of the Year so far)
DDDD → 092 (92nd day of the Year so far)

dd–> Su
ddd → Sun
dddd → Sunday

M → 4
MM → 04
MMM → Apr
MMMM → April

YY → 23
YYYY → 2023

HH → 11 (H without leading 0)
hh → 11
mm → 46 (m without leading 0)
ss → 52 (s without leading 0)

I hope that helps…

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