Snap to grid for easier app building

Hi All-
I’ve been using this technique a lot lately when building apps to make alignment faster - hope you find it useful! It makes aligning objects on an app step fast and easy and only takes a minute to setup.

To start, add a rectangle to the Master Layout and set the width to whatever you like. This will be the space between widgets when we add them later.

Next, copy and paste the rectangle and place at each end of the step canvas. Then you can add additional ‘columns’ in between, don’t worry about the spacing. Once you have all of your columns, use the distribute tool to make them evenly spaced. Repeat the process in the same way to create ‘rows’. See the gif below:

That’s it, now you can use these guides to make building an app faster! Switch to any step and start building. Since the guides are not on the canvas they will not be visible when the app is run in the Tulip Player.