Snap to grid not snap to arbitrary object

In comparison to few other industrial HMI software I find the “red line” snapping is not up to par. It is not consistent and time consuming to work with. If there is an option I will turn it off. (is there a way btw?)
Though I find techniques like this useful, it is a very dirty work around.

Please vote if you think this is a common issue to get the developer’s attention :slight_smile:

also see:

Hey @Rakitha,

We have identified this snap to logic as being a little lacking fairly recently but this feedback is incredibly good. There is working going on in the background to add additional functionality to the product as the first step to enabling better autosnap functionality. You may have seen some of the first visible parts of that work with changes to the step menu in the last few versions, that is all in prep for more in-depth grouping of widgets, which will in turn enable smarter autosnapping.

The ability to snap to grid, snap to elements, both, or neither is something we plan on incorporating, but it is sitting behind some other work going on right now.

You feedback is invaluable as we continue to evolve the product. Keep the good stuff coming!

Hi @Pete_Hartnett, this is fantastic news, cant wait!