[Tip of the Week] Align and Distribute Widgets

aligning buttons, text, images and other widgets on your apps is important to get pixel perfect apps and can be quickly done using the Align and Distribute buttons.

simply select the elements (of any type, buttons, text, images, text widgets) you want to organize, and let Tulip make sure everything is pixel perfect!!

here’s a quick guide:

  1. select all the items that need to be aligned (this can be done by holding down shift while selecting the items):

  2. once more than one item is selected, you’ll see the Align and Distribute menu populate on the right pane:

  3. at this point, you can choose how to organize the selected items.

  • align left (please note everything will align with the farthest left or right element, depending on the direction you’re aligning to):
  • distribute (this will evenly distribute the elements, vertically or horizontally, between the farthest elements):
  1. without any calculations or single pixel movements, everything is now perfectly aligned!!

have people used this feature in the past?? let us know how you’ve used it and any additional tips for users is so!!