Release 271 - January 2024

Hello Everyone!

Release 271 brings many updates including images over connectors, improvements to input widgets, and API tokens across workspaces.

View the Full 271 Release Notes Here.

Let us know your thoughts and questions below!


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Just want to highlight that this release addresses a Community Product suggestion from @Akira in this thread Image input widget can handle Base64String as a data source :tada:

Thanks for the great suggestion and helping to make Tulip even better :smiley:

File output will follow?

Both New and Old screenshot of the “App Developer mode” seems to be the same in the announcement.

Hi @ta-aoki,

Great catch - the image has been updated.

The key difference is the “return to app” link is replaced with the back button.



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Hey @youri.regnaud -

Yep! Files are generally bigger, so we are doing this carefully, but the design pattern is intended to support this specifically. Do you have a use case where this would be useful?


Of course, download pdf from Windchill (drawing, …) and embedded files in our apps and maybe tomorrow build a custom widget for 3D visualization.

Thank you for the fix!

May be this here should be two separate bullet point?

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