📣 Automations Release Notes: r256

Hi all, the next release is rolling out starting now and has some exciting new features for automations - read on to learn more.

Access to the features will depend on the deploy group. Some of you will already have r256 while others might need to wait until next week. To check your current release, you can go to Account Settings and it will be shown in the bottom left of the page:


Release Notes

Show run history retention period

Run history will be retained for three days. A tooltip has been added to on the Run History page to indicate as much.

Allow all roles to view automations

Previously, account owners, workspace owners and administrator roles were able to view and modify automations. Now, other roles with view permissions are able to see automations but not modify them.

More decision conditions

Added more options when configuring a decision:

  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Does not equal
  • Table
    • Has record
    • Does not have record

Machine Static Value

Adds machines to the data source picker for use in logic blocks.

Listen to Table Events (requires tableMetaEvents feature flag)

Changes to tables (record added, deleted or updated) can now be used to trigger automations.

Listen to Insight Events (requires alertingMetaEvents feature flag)

When an alert is configured for an analytic, it can be used to trigger an automation.


Communicate Configuration Errors

Blocks will be highlighted if they have not yet been fully configured.


A couple little things I just worked with @zeiglera to troubleshoot on a call-

She has a very simple automation that listens to rows being created, and sends an email when a new record is created. This was consistently failing-

There were a couple finding that we came to:

  1. There is a bug that is fixed in r257 (the next release you will get, coming next week) that was causing some users to be corrupted, making it so no users could be emailed. Any one user being in this state would break the email action for all others. In the backend we resolved this issue for @zeiglera, but in r257 we will be resiliant to this behavior
  2. We also learned that while you can set a record id to listen for this field is optional and the automation will run for any record id if it is left blank

Hope this helps others as they are troubleshooting.
The Other Pete

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