📣 Automations Release Notes: r255

Hi all-
New features are now available for automations and should be visible on your site by the end of the week. Keep in mind that some functionality may still be limited on your site per:

Release Notes

Results Section Improvements

For many of the logic blocks in automations, the results will be provided automatically at the bottom of the configuration panel. These results can be used like variables, but you don’t have to create them! This allows you to build fast and reduce the time spent managing variables. If you do need a variable, you can easily link these results to an existing variable or you can create one on the fly. In the latest release, we improved the experience around linking results to variables:

2023-06-14 13.51.35

Update Data Action

We have added a new action to automations for updating data. This is analogous to Data Manipulation in app triggers, but more flexible and powerful. With this, you can update variables or any other data source that is writeable. It is also possible to update several fields at once, making it more efficient to build logic.

2023-06-14 17.55.29

More support for data types

Early in the beta only a few data types were supported such as text and boolean. We have now added support for all primary types such as dates. The remaining data types that are not yet supported: Files, Stations, Videos, Images and Linked Records.