Automatic alert for user to report a test once X hours

Some of our apps are for quality checks on the production floor, some of those tests are on every batch but some must be once a day or once 1 or 2 hours etc’.
I have to give a notice somehow to the user that he must do a test NOW, becuase a hour past since his last test.
To do so, in another system or programing language I would make a background job (like in SAP) that will check each minute when was last report line, what is the frequency that should be on this process and if new report is not done in a given time, send SMS or E-mail or light a lamp for the user.
I couldn’t see that such background process can be done in Tulip.
So, how can I implement such use case ?

Thank you,
Amit Berku

Hi Amit,

Automations is working on the timer feature which is scheduled for early next year but until then, there’s a workaround mentioned in Timer trigger for automation - #3 by danielpomeranz. You can tie different alerts to integer changes for OPCUA date/time.



Hi @Amit -

The Automations capabilities Jake mentioned above have been released with Release 275 - March 2024! This should resolve your suggestion here.

Check it out and let us know what you think!