Export Table Data into a text file

Is there a way to use API/Connectors in order to export data in a Tulip Table to a text file?

Hey @btsang -

What text file format would you be looking to use?

We expose an endpoint where a csv of machine attribute data can be used. When you hit that endpoint, it returns a URL where the csv can be downloaded. There isn’t a good way to transfer these files over the api directly. This is also why calls to the Tables API are limited to 100 records per call. Some customers have tables with 100M+ records, so the export file becomes quite large very quickly.

We could expose a similar endpoint where you can request the CSV of a table and it would return a url to a website where the csv could be downloaded (manually or by some sort of automation). Would this do what you need?

You can always look through a table with something like Python, pulling all of its records, and save them to a CSV.


Got it, thanks for the advice!